The ModCom

Physical, Concept

Teammates: Krishna Gorrepati, and Ellen Wang


Speech can be powerful, with the capacity to move crowds, elicit change, and start worldwide movements. But for more than 100 million people suffering from speech development disabilities - speech is everything but empowering. As part of our Dare to Care: Compassionate Design class we asked the question: How might we better design assistive speech devices for everyday people suffering from ALS and cerebal palsy?

The ModCom's objectives:

1. Adaptation - Current solutions are expensive and usually need to be replaced as muscle function decreases over time. The ModCom adapts to your life, instead of you adapting to it.

2. Integration - We make the ModCom compativle across platforms, from your smartphone, to your tablet, to the product itself. We utilize existing frameworks and open source integration.

3. More than a Medical Device - The ModCom is sleek and beautiful, like many wearable devices today. Our goal is to empower users, every detail of our design considers who our users really are. This isn't a device to hide; it is one to show off and be excited to use and wear.